Your Flavours

Intro 介绍 Flavours 汤料 BLUE 蓝 GREEN 绿 Yellow 黄 Pink 粉 Red 红 Black 黑 Order 点菜 Drinks 酒水 Desserts (甜点)
汤底加酱料每位 £5.50
Hot Pot Broth with Unlimited Dripping Sauces & Condiments £5.50 per head


Customise Your Flavours 由你做主:
1 Choose Your Hot Pot Broth 汤底
  • 麻辣  Spicy  (可加辣 / Level of spiciness upon request)
  • 鸡汤  Chicken
  • 冬荫汤  Tom Yum   P GF
  • 菜汤  Vegetable  V GF
  • 番茄汤  Tomato  V
2 Choose Your Dipping Sauce 酱料
  • 花椒油  Sichuan Pepper Oil
  • 香油  Sesame Oil
  • 麻酱  Sesame Butter
  • 干花生碎  Crushed Roasted Peanuts
  • 辣椒油  Chili Oil
  • 醋  Vinegar
  • 糖  Sugar
  • 香菜  Fresh Coriander
  • 蒜蓉  Fresh Garlic
  • 蚝油  Oyster Sauce
  • 酱油  Soy Sauce
  • 腐乳  Beancurd Paste
  • 韭菜酱  Leek Sauce
  • 海鲜酱  Seafood Sauce
  • 沙茶酱  Barbecue Sauce
  • 葱花  Spring Onions
  • 搭配好的酱料  Mixed House Sauce
3 Choose Your Coloured Plate Dishes To Cook

Disclaimer: Management CAN NOT guarantee that all dishes are completely free of any allergens stated as the food is prepared in the same kitchen